Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Melaka - departure

So I'm on the plane (this is getting more real now), I already had my little adventure emotion when while checking in, my passport would not go through the scanning process and when it did, my info were saying I was chian wouz (or something similar) a US male born in 1940, hmm this does not describe my identity so accurately.
So a hostess helped me and ask me where is my visa for India????
I was like what? I don't need a visa I'll be in transit, she insists I need one, I can't leave!
My heart is beating like I run for the olympics!

I'm trying to explain it's a mistake, anyway, she finally understood and let me check in, she apologized like 10 times when she realized she nearly made me have a heart attack.

But all is well, plane is ready to take off, I need to turn my phone off.

Never been on a plane for 15+ hours, oh well, I'll be in Malaysia soon, so I'm not complaining.

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