Tuesday, 4 May 2010


We arrived at biltmore Thursday around 11am (we would be Jen, her husband John, their son CJ, Pam a friend coming to crew).

Let me describe what would be my day before arriving at Biltmore, starting Wednesday morning:

7:30AM - Brooklyn: waking up, check up one last time if I packed everything I need for Biltmore
9:30AM - Soho - NYC : work in a retouching studio ("photoshoping" some models and products)
7:00PM - Penn Station - NYC : hoping on the train to get to Hamilton (1+ hour train)
8:20PM - Hamilton NJ : car drive to get to the barn (thanks Shana) 45 min
9:05PM - Stockton NJ : arrived to the barn, Jen and I usaully get everything ready the previous weekend of a ride.
10:00PM - Stockton NJ : leaving for a long trip to Biltmore, I don't drive (I need to get a US license, procrastinating, me???), so Jen and John are the driving gurus, thanks guys!

11:00AM - BILTMORE! Yeah!

Talk about a long day, but it is always worth it, because I always get to ride nice trails with good friends and horses.

So, as you can read, we had a 13 hours drive and did it at night and we all loved it.

There were already a lot of people when we arrived. We got told to park in the 2nd field, we were the 1st in there!
The weather was beautiful and we got set up in no time.

Twist (my new mare) and snickers (jen's horse) are easy campers. So once they were all set, we were able to go say hi to old friends and make new ones.

Jen and I went for a short ride and enjoyed the little bit of trails we did. Nice soft footing on single tracks in the forest, a lot of sneaky roots to watch out for though!

Once the horses were fed and tucked in their pen, we went to town to have diner, we were all so tired we stopped at the 1st place serving food, a TGI's Friday (I know all the way to North Carolina and we picked a chain place), it did the trick, a little food, a little beer and a huge dessert, we then went to get gas and had a good laugh being brain washed because we were all so exhausted.

So back to camp and to bed, a good night of rest to be ready for Friday.

To quote Amigo, we all had a ACN.

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