Tuesday, 13 July 2010

NAYRER 2010 - some young riders profile!

While I was at Biltmore, I took advantage of the presence of some of the young riders going to participate to the North American Young Riders Endurance Ride to "interview" them so people can have an idea of who the next generation is!

I personally think US endurance needs more "young blood", it's nice to see endurance getting its own Youth Championship, It looks like there will be a lot more riders this year.
Thanks to Internet I also managed to get some info on more riders, I'm sure there will be plenty missing and please pardon me for this.

Sarah Jack - 17 - New Hampshire

Sarah has an eventing background, her grand mother (Jane Graffam) introduced her to long distance riding.

Sarah did her 1st CTR at the age of 10 and her 1st LD at the age of 12.
Since then she has completed over 1000 miles.

Her favorite ride is Western Maine.
She will be riding Shyrocco Troilus owned by Meg Sleeper.
Sarah and Troy took 2nd place (ride time 5:04) at the Biltmore CEI*.

Steven Hay - 19 - Pennsylvania

Steven was participating in 4H shows before he got into long distance riding mentored by his neighbor Jane Villistrigo, he started to ride endurance 8 years ago, he has accumulated more than 1500 miles, has completed 100s.

His favorite ride is Biltmore, A couple of years ago, he and his horse enjoyed the trails and terrain and had a great time.

Steven will be riding Khalil Asam owned by Nathalie Muzzio. They placed 8th (ride time 5:36) at the Biltmore CEI*.

Olivia Matthaei - 18 - Namibia

Olivia was a dressage and jumper rider before she tried endurance.

Her 1st ride happened unexpectedly, she was sometimes helping crewing for her uncle and one day her cousin got sick and she got thrown on the horse and had to ride, since then she never looked back. She has completed over 600 miles.

She has participated into the African Endurance Championships in Namibia in 2009, this was her favorite ride, the terrain was very technical but they got to ride along the coast and over the biggest dunes in Namibia.

She will be riding DJB Boomer owned by Darolyn Butler at the NAYRER.
Olivia is selected to represent Namibia at the WEG.

Anna Wucker - 19 - Namibia

Anna was a dressage rider until a friend of hers who was riding/training endurance horses for different owners got Anna to help and ride in endurance.
She was 9 when she completed her first ride, she has now over 2500 miles, has been Namibian Champion in 2007, selected as the Namibian team captain for the African championships of 2009.
Anna will be riding DJB Tessarah owned by Darolyn Butler at theNAYRER.
They completed the Biltmore CEI*** at Biltmore in 17th place with a ride time of 16:44.

Anna is selected to represent Namibia at the WEG.

Josie Mc Ghee - 20 - Georgia

Her mum (Angie Mc Ghee) put Josie on a horse as soon as she came back from the hospital, she was just a couple of days old.

She started riding really young (i'm sure most of you have seen her very famous videos).

She did her first 50 when she was 10 since she has completed more than 2400 miles.
Her favorite ride is Million Pines for the atmosphere, fun and hospitality.

Josie will be riding Reminisonce+/ owned by Lynn Kennely.

Kyle Gibbon - 20 - Vermont

Kyle started riding ponies around the fields bareback, later moved on to "formal" trail riding. He took some english lessons, he showed in English pleasure/equitation and Hunter/Jumpers.

He did his 1st CTR at 14 on his paint Kolby, he also competed him in endurance before getting his arabian mare which he completed his 1st 100 with in 2007.

Kyle has more than 3200 endurance miles, has completed 15 100.

Kyle will be riding Salt owned by Steven Rojeck.

Kirsten Kimbler - 21 - South Dakota

Kirsten started taking lessons at an arabian show barn, then started showing arabians.
She got into endurance when her dad saw an article about Tevis, he had always dreamt about riding.

They started to compete in endurance rides, since then Kirsten has completed 2290 miles. Her favorite ride was in Canada, it was a great family experience, they managed to go through some difficulties on trails and turn the situation into a funny story to remember.

Kirsten will be riding Cody Canuck that she owns. There will be 3 other riders from Kirsten's familly riding the NAYRER.

Lindsay Bean - 20 - Maine

Lindsay received the best gift a little girl can dream of when she was 4: a pony!

She rode him until she was old enough to handle the farm Belgians.

She started to ride endurance with Tom Hutchison and Kathy Brunges in 2006, she has now almost 1000 miles.

Her favorite ride is Pine Tree.

She will be riding Tektonic owned by Kathy Brunjes at NAYRER.

I could not get in touch with every rider, but I know there are some more: Jennifer Stevens, Jessica D'camillo, France Chase Dunn and some Canadians including Lee Hutton.

I can't wait to hear stories and see pictures from these young talented riders!

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  1. Thanks for posting this - great to see support for the Young Rider program as we indeed have some incredibly talented kids that hopefully will make America a force to contend with at WEG 2014 and 2018.